Pathivara Tour

Pathivara Tour offers you a beautiful experience of eastern hills and popular Pathivara Temple. Temple of Goddess Pathivara is situated in the eastern part of Nepal, Taplejung. Pathivara, also known as one of the “Shakti Peeths”, is one of the most significant Hindu Temples in Nepal. The temple is said to be built by local shepherds, who lost hundreds of their sheep while gazing. After that the distressed shepherds had dream in which the goddess ordered them to carry out ritualistic sacrifice of sheep and build a shrine in her honor. When the sacrifice and rituals were done, the lost herd suddenly returned. Pathivara attracts both Hindu and Buddhist people from all over Nepal as well as India.

The beautiful city Ilam and Dharan lies on the way to Pathivara temple which is famous for its natural beauty and pilgrimage site. Ilam is a beautiful town in the eastern Nepal, popular for its tea gardens. The mesmerizing view relaxes every traveler who reaches there. Dharan lies at the foothills of the Mahabharata Range north of the Terai region. Dharan’s astonishing beauty makes it one of Nepal’s best tourist destinations among domestic and international tourists. Dharan is a gateway to several attractions in eastern hills and is also famous for pilgrimage sites. Buddhasubba temple is located at Bijayapur, Dharan. This temple is a famous religious shrine of eastern Nepal. Dantakali is a Hindu temple considered to be a significant Shakti Peeth which was built in the honor of Goddess Parvati.

Mustang Tour (4 Night / 5 Days)

The land of ancient kingdom, Mustang is one of the beautiful destinations of Nepal that offers trans-Himalayan arid landscapes and awe inspiring scenery. Infused with an authetiic culture of Gurungs, Thakalis and Managis, this stunning district is situated next to Kali Gandaki river. Also famous for the popular holy pilgrimage site Muktinath, Mustang allures everyone with its exotic Himalayan culture, and magnificent picturesque of gigantic mountains including Nilgiri Dhaulagiri, and Annapurna ranges. This tour also takes you to the pristine Baglung Kalika Bhagwati temple through the beautiful hills of Baglung.

Haleshi (Khotang) Tour

Khotang Haleshi tour, one of the popular pilgrimage tours of Nepal, offers you an insightful visit to Haleshi Mahadev temple. Situated in Khotang district, Haleshi temple is known as the Pashupatinath of eastern Nepal. The temple is worshipped by Hindus, Buddhists and Kiratis. Kiratis believe that Kirat religion was originated at this place, whereas Buddhist revere the temple as a religious place where Guru Rimpoche, Padmasambhava meditated and attained salvation. Followers of Buddhism come to worship with the expectation of obtaining 10 additional years of life as well as regeneration. According to Hindus, it is believed that, about 6000 years ago the cave of Haleshi was used by Lord Shiva to defend himself and to hide from the demon Bhasmasur.

Darjeeling Tour with Kalimpong

Darjeeling Tour with Kalimpong incorporates seeing nature’s magic and beginning to believe in fantasies. It gives testimony regarding India’s north-eastern corners’ immortal and breath-taking appeal. At the same time, the tour also offers the refreshing beauty of Nepali hills and tea gardens at Ilam. Throughout the trip, the natural magnificence will be complimented by the rich cultural heritages of Sikkim, Kalimpong and Darjeeling.

Situated at an altitude of 5500 ft., Sikkim is basically a maze of super-steep valleys thickly forested with lavish subtropical woodlands and rhododendron forests, ascending to the stunning white-top pinnacles of the eastern Himalaya in the north. Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim, is an enchanting and clean town that guarantees the best monasteries and landscape beauties. Kalimpong, another beautiful hill destination, is a neighboring town of Darjeeling. The town’s pristine beauty, rich flora and captivating valleys are the major attractions.

Darjeeling, also called the Queen of Hills, is situated in the Shivalik slopes of the lower Himalayan range. Darjeeling, as most other hill stations in India, was set up by the British. Darjeeling, with its majestic snow-covered mountain ridges, dense green forests, cool and tranquil lakes, and a plenty of blossoms, is a picturesque and magnificent retreat. You can also get to ride Toy Train, a World Heritage Site.

Ilam, an eastern Nepali town, has a cool environment, green fields and timberlands, lush tea gardens, and a distinct tea neighborhood. It relieves you from the crowd of city zones and other emotional strains. The tea pickers’ tunes, which they sing in their local language, are additional unique highlights of this spot. Ilam also offers the stunning views of snow-capped mountains, refreshing tropical and temperate forests, gurgling lakes, and a diverse flora and fauna.


Kalinchowk Tour, a combination of both spiritual and natural experiences, takes you on a trip to Kalinchowk Bhagawati Temple and its breathtaking natural surroundings.

Kalinchowk Bhagwati Temple, a part of the Gaurishankar Conservation Area is the temple of goddess Kali (related to power and destruction). Most of the travelers visit Kalinchowk for its pilgrimage significance, holy shrine of Kalinchowk Bhagwati and the magnificent view of Mount Kanchenjunga, Langtang, Jugal, Sumeru Parvat, Gaurishankar, Ganesh and Pathivara Himal.