Sep 23, 2021

People love to move around, for entertainment or business purposes. With the expansion of the tourism industry in Nepal, it is normal to see domestic and international tourists opting for vehicle rentals to indulge themselves in travel activities. Along with flight booking and accommodation, another most important requirement for travelers is a solid vehicle to move around. So, vehicle rental organizations in Nepal are having a busy time especially during high seasons as the demand of rental vehicles is quite high.

Nowadays travelers love to travel independently and conveniently. At the same time they also wish to customize their travel plans. This trend encourages vehicle rental companies to boom in Nepal. Another advantage of renting a vehicle is it helps people to observe the local values and cultural diversity in their own pace while travelling with friends or family. So, rental services come with lots of flexibility in terms of time, duration and destinations.

Several companies have operated their service as a vehicle rental agency in Nepal where people can hire any type of vehicles under four criteria. i.e. Hourly basis, daily basis, weekly basis and monthly basis. Vehicle rental service in Nepal is normally used for sightseeing, travelling, picking up and dropping at airports. People who are in short visit or people who take half day sightseeing tour usually hires hourly vehicle rent service whereas people who are in longer stay prefers vehicle rent on daily basis or weekly basis. Wide range of options including the leading vehicle brands including Toyota, Suzuki, Hyundai, Mahindra, Nissan, Tata and ford are available for vehicle rental services in Nepal.

Well, Baba adventure is home-based travel company that gives you a comprehensive experience of the country by masterminding everything from accommodations, vehicle arrangements, air ticketing and many more. We provide you varieties of well-equipped and well-conditioned vehicles to enhance your trip experience according to your need with classy and comfortable vehicles. Choose Baba Adventure and make your trip smooth and unforgettable!

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