Tourist Bus Service in Nepal

  Nov 19, 2021

One of the popular means of transportations, tourist bus service in Nepal is the major choice of foreign visitors who want to explore the stunning mountain views, beautiful landscapes, awe inspiring nature, and diverse culture of local people in safe and easy way. So, most of the visitors who seeks for luxury and comfort for the journey prefer tourist bus. These buses ranges in size, comfort and quality depending upon the price a person is willing to pay. With the facilities including AC, Free Wi-Fi, water, and comfort seats, tourist buses connect the popular places and are flexible as people can choose and change the routes easily. Tourist bus service in Nepal are mostly preferred by individual and organized tour groups.

Regular tourist bus and deluxe tourist bus are the two categories of tourist buses that are operated in Nepal. Regular tourist buses are quite affordable than deluxe one but deluxe buses reward you with best facilities. Additionally, travelling in tourist bus is the best way to reach a destination a lot quicker. Almost every tourist destination in Nepal has a plethora of tourist booking offices from where regular tourists bus operate every day. Pokhara, Lumbini, Chitwan are the most popular destinations where daily tourist bus service including both regular and deluxe operates both ways on a regular basis.

There are many daily tourist bus service providers in Nepal. Baba Adventures is one of the leading tourist bus service companies. It offers the best tourist bus services which takes you to the famous tourist attractions, with luxury and comfort. It provides both regular tourist bus service which best fits your budget and deluxe tourist bus service which rewards you with luxury. All its tourist buses are safe, convenient, clean and have every facility that a tourist can ask for. It provides services to various tourist destinations including Bhairahawa, Butwal, Pokhara, Ilam, Pashupatinagar, Siliguri and Delhi. It also offers various tour packages to both international and domestic tourists.


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