Sep 11, 2021

Eastern Nepal is one of the most appealing regions that offers both urban and rural life experiences. Not only people and culture, Eastern Nepal is also famous for natural attraction like river island, lush tea gardens, gushing waterfalls, hidden caves, natural root bridges, endangered animals, and many more.  The unbeatable hospitality of the people, jaw-dropping natural beauty, virgin scenic landscapes, Eco-friendly lifestyles, and enriching history of this region is something that makes people visit it again and again. So, a tour to eastern Nepal would be a very pleasant journey that will let you explore the naturally flourishing region to gain new insights and experiences. Below, we have listed some of the must-visit destinations of Eastern Nepal.



One of the fascinating places in eastern Nepal, Ilam is a beautiful tea producing town. Its tea is not only popular in the country but in outside world as well. This beautiful place offers the magnificent views of carpet full tea fields in the hills where tourist can enjoy the fascinating experience of picking the leaves by themselves. Sri Antu and Mai Pokhari are other famous places where people go for sightseeing, hiking and cross cultural experience. The enchanting pristine landscapes of sloping tea gardens, mountain streams, dense natural forests, holy sites and unique culture is what makes Ilam a remarkable destination in Eastern Nepal.



Janakpur, located in Dhanusha district, is a historical and religious city. This famous pilgrimage site is the birthplace of Goddess Sita. Also home to diverse ethnic groups of people, Janakpur is named as city of ponds as it possesses more than 70 ponds. Beside the impressive Jankaki Temple, there are several temples in Janakpur including Sankatmochan, Ratansagar Mandir, Agnikund, Dulha-Dulhin Mandir, Biharkund Mandir, Dhanusadham, and Jaleswor Mahadev. This city is very rich in “Mithila Art”, one of the oldest traditional art forms  of the region.  Hindu women of this city have maintained a tradition of painting on wall hangings, wooden stools, miniatures in paper and leaves, stone pottery, bamboo and leather goods, using techniques and motifs passed from generation to generation for thousands of years.


Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

Known for the bird watching paradise, Koshi Tappu Wildlife reserve is the smallest wildlife reserve in Nepal. Located in the south-eastern plains of Nepal, it is famous for the last surviving Asian wild buffalo herd which is the principal attraction of this place. Vast expanse of open water, many small marshlands, pools and grasslands offer a refuge for birds and outstanding sites for birdwatchers. There are many activities besides bird watching. People can enjoy boating and fishing in this reserve but for that permit from local authority is necessary. Jungle safari, jeep safari, village walk, hiking along the jungle trail are some of the famous activities in this wildlife reserve.


Pathibhara Temple

One of the most significant Hindu temples and popular pilgrimage destination, Pathibhara temple lies in the hill of Taplejung district. This temple is considered as one of the Shakti peeths and is believed that Pathibhara Devi fulfills the long cherished dreams and desires of her devotees who visit here. There are hundreds of bells, jewels made from silver and gold offered by the devotees. The view of spectacular landscapes and gorges formed by the silver-shining mountain range seen from Pathibhara temple leaves everyone in awe. The beautiful ocean of cirrus clouds blanketing the valley below look so attractive from the temple. There is no doubt that Pathibhara temple is something aesthetically sacred, spiritual and liberating.



One of the most spectacular and happening places in eastern Nepal, Dhankuta is a captivating hill station which is a small, predominantly Newari town. This place is quieter and picturesque, lined with whitewashed houses, most of which are tiled and carved Newari town houses. This small town envelops the beautiful landscapes of the famous mount Everest, Makalu, Lhotse and Kumbakarna range as well. This place is also a bustling gateway to the eastern hills that lies in India. Few grands of monuments, temples and traditional Nepali hill culture are famous here. Some of the famous tourist destinations of this place are Bhedetar, Jalpadevi temple and Dhaje hill where many internal and international tourists can be seen.



A beautiful and popular eastern city, Dharan can be the best choice of every visitor to have an amazing experience. The hill station Bhedetar, which is only few kilometers away from the central market, offers breathtaking view of the valley. The one who loves hiking can also walk to Namje, a beautiful Magar village. The other several trekking trails are also located there. Not just nature experience, Dharan being a fashionable and modern town, also provides lively cultural experience in its local pub, park, and live music restaurants.  Budhasubba, another must visit place of religious importance, is believed to be the place for happiness and good luck. Dharan clock tower, Namastey Jharana, Raja Rani Lake, Saptarangi Park, Dadabazar and Gurkha memorial Park are other fascinating places that people love to visit during their stay in Dharan. So, Dharan is the place where you won’t  regret to spend your time and money and can have fullest fun.

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